Parent Academy - Help for Parents of Children Struggling with Reading

If your child is dyslexic or struggling with reading and you want to help, the Parent Academy was made for you.

10 week online program where parents get evidence based strategies, step-by-step plans and templates to support their child.

If your child is dyslexic or struggling with reading and you want to help...


10 week online program where parents get step-by-step plans and strategies to support their child


The Reading Ropes Parent Academy is a complete A-Z roadmap for parents of struggling readers & dyslexic children.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 30 years as an individual needs, early literacy & dyslexia specialist and created a step-by-step program that gives parents the tools and plans they need to help their struggling readers thrive.

The Reading Ropes Parent Academy

Is the first program of its kind that…

Empowers parents with everything they need, without the overwhelm

No overwhelming materials or unnecessary lessons. You’ll simply get access to the best strategies, tips and tools in an easy to understand way.

Supports you so you can support your child

There is no other online program in the world that teaches parents how to understand and support their struggling reader or dyslexic child in such a comprehensive and clear way. You get the evidence based strategies and plans that will help you provide the support your child needs.

Goes beyond reading, to ensure your child gets the support they need

Since the Reading Ropes Parent Academy is a ‘one-stop-shop’, teaching your child how to read is just the beginning. We make sure you have the knowledge and tools to advocate for your child at school, support their wellbeing and manage any comorbid issues. It is a truly comprehensive action-oriented program for parents that want to help.

The Reading Ropes Parent Academy takes the overwhelm and anxiety out of the process. What do we cover? Everything.

Here’s how it breaks down.

Weeks 1-5: The Reading Process Intensive Masterclass

Understanding The Reading Process & Implementing Strategies At Home

  • Five modules, comprising more than 20 lessons packed with interesting videos explaining the 5 key skills children need to learn to read. You’ll be that parent, who knows more about reading than most teachers.
  • Lessons that show you how to identify where specifically your child has a particular area of weakness.
  • Modelling videos that show you precisely how to hone these skills with your child at home in a fun and straightforward way.
  • Summary documents, activity sheets, templates and other powerful tools that empowers you to understand and implement evidence based strategies from home.
Week 6: Making A Huge Difference At Home

Bringing It All Together To Work On Your Child’s Specific Areas Of Need At Home

  • You’ll get the templates and tools you need to start helping your child work on the 5 key reading skills at home.
  • Activity instructions workbook that makes teaching your child the 5 reading skills easy and most importantly, fun. You’ll get modelling videos that show you exactly how to work on each of these activities with your child.
  • How to support phonics development at home: a 3-step guide
  • Practical implementable calendar roadmap for supporting your child’s reading skill development from home on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It’s simple, flexible and designed with the busy parent in mind.
Week 7: Advocating At School & Optimising Paid Help

Giving You The Skills & Templates To Be The Informed, Powerful Advocate Your Child Needs

  • Everything you need to know in the world of advocacy for slow progress readers and dyslexics.
  • The 4-step process for ensuring your child is getting the support and intervention they need at school. Practical meeting agenda templates, child summary templates and strategies for creating constructive relationships with your child’s educational team.
  • Discover how your child’s school decides on the level of support they receive and how to ensure it is fair and reasonable.
  • Learn about the Response To Intervention Model (RTI) as it relates to struggling readers and how understanding this can help you advocate for your child.
  • Practical meeting agenda templates and child summary documents that you can use to create constructive relationships with your child’s educational team.
Week 8: Understanding Comorbid Issues

Making You Aware Of Potential Comorbid Considerations & How To Best Manage These

  • Understand the comorbid issues that commonly accompany reading difficulties and learn how to tailor the support you give your child.
  • Learn from a guest expert psychologist who gives truly invaluable insights on how to work with and support a range of comorbid issues.
  • Learn what Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are and the powerful purpose they can serve. You’ll discover your role in understanding and influencing your child’s ILP.
Week 9: "Help Me Understand Why I Find Reading Hard"

Helping You Communicate With Your Child & Empowering Your Child With The Unique Ability To Advocate For Themselves

  • Children are smart and they know when they are falling behind their peers. We show you how to manage this process and communicate with them in a proactive and productive way.
  • Your child is invited to join us for a lesson where we step them through “the reading brain puzzle” so they can better understand why reading can be difficult for them. It’s a confidence building lesson where we give them tips to navigate some of the hardships they might be facing at school and show them how to work with their teacher (self-advocacy).
Week 10: Managing Your Child's Wellbeing

Taking A Holistic View To Ensure Your Child Is Building A Strong Foundation Of Self-Esteem

  • Become an expert in the academic, emotional and social development aspects of your child’s reading journey.
  • Receive practical advice from a renowned psychologist who shares really crucial gems about supporting your child’s mental health and self-esteem while they learn to crack the reading code.
  • As always, you’ll get easy to use checklists and downloads that will make managing this process as straightforward and simple as possible.

The Academy Is So Much More Than Lessons & Tools. It’s A Place For You To Feel Supported On This Journey.

1. Lifetime Access to the Academy Portal: After our 10 weeks together you will have LIFETIME access to these Academy materials,  meaning you can return to them at anytime and work through them at your own pace. This also means you’ll get access to the updates we make to the lessons and content as new research becomes available.

2. Yearly Membership To The Hub Community: Yearly membership to the Reading Ropes Hub and access to the Reading Ropes Academy Facebook group. You’ll become a supported member of our community and have ample opportunity to share breakthroughs and ask questions.

The Reading Ropes Academy has the latest evidence based plans and practical resources that you will need to help your child read.

Having only one child we were pretty focused on getting the whole reading process ‘right’ the first and only time! Deb Stange guided, encouraged and taught us how to actively embrace the tools that guided him artfully and easily (and always in a fun way too!) through the literacy process

Amanda Horton

Become informed. Take action. Act early.

The Academy has been carefully designed to support you to really understand the reading process, why your child is struggling and what you can do to comprehensively support them with as little effort as possible.
Your Instructor

Your Instructor


Deb has 30 years experience as a literacy teacher, head of individual needs & dyslexia specialist. She has authored decodable phonics books and has helped hundreds of parents become powerful supporters and advocates for their struggling readers.

Deb has been a lifelong student of slow-progress reading, having attended 50+ training programs. Most recently, Deb completed her Masters in Special Education & Early Intervention at the University of Melbourne. Read more.

We have been so very lucky to have this wisdom and guidance. Without it, last year would have been so dreadful. This year has just been so much more positive.

Annie Rose

“I began to see that behind the slow progress and dyslexic children making the biggest gains, were actively involved parents. Many of these parents had scoured the internet for years reading hundreds of articles on slow-progress reading, dyslexia and anything else they could get their hands on. It had taken too long and too much effort. Especially as we know the earlier we give struggling readers the support they need, the greater the chances of long term reading success.

It became clear that parents of struggling readers needed a simple and quick way to become the powerful supporter, teacher and advocate their slow-progress reader needs. This Reading Ropes Academy is that. It’s everything parents need to know, packaged into one simple place”

The first & only online evidence based course for parents.

A 30-Day “Buy It. Try It.” Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve done everything in our power to make this the most comprehensive, easy to follow program for parents of slow-progress readers available. We KNOW it works. It’s the formula that hundreds of parents have followed to help their children read while ensuring their child’s wellbeing. 

However, we want to give you every chance possible to purchase access to the Academy with absolute confidence. 

That’s  why we’re giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to go through the program, learn all you can, follow the simple steps and strategies and download the tools and realise for yourself just how incredible it feels to be a confident and empowered parent helping your child breakthrough to literacy.

The Reading Ropes Academy

Is Perfect for You if…

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enroll in the Reading Ropes Parent Academy.

Your child is struggling to learn to read and you feel you don’t know how to help.


Your child seems to be getting despondent and doesn't like reading at home.


The teacher has mentioned that your child is not meeting the expected benchmarks for reading.


You are worried about the gap widening between your child and their peers.


Your child doesn’t remember words they have seen repeatedly.


You want ideas as to how you can help make a real difference to you child's reading progress.


You want to connect with other parents who are experiencing the same feelings and frustrations as you are.


You want to be able to confidently engage with the school to get the support that your child needs.


Your child has: a dyslexia diagnosis or profile; English as a 2nd language; or you are concerned they are not making literacy gains like their peers.


You want a safe place to ask questions and make good choices to support your child.

Still not sure? Click here to read more.

It will be alright… I think.

  • A common reaction of parents is ‘I think they’ll be okay’. A parent will have doubts but sometimes they will wait.
  • Sometimes a classroom teacher has said, ‘it should be fine’ or ‘give them another 6 months and let’s check on their progress again then’.
  • In reality, difficulties with reading very rarely remedy themselves. And, the longer a child struggles to reach benchmarks, the harder it is to close the gap between their reading skills and year level benchmarks.
  • It is also possible to mask these difficulties in the early years. Children comprehend text creatively e.g. from pictures. But in the later years of primary school, these foundational literacy gaps get exposed. All of a sudden even maths involves worded questions, and if a child struggles with reading, their maths begins to suffer.
  • The advice all parents should heed is this: as soon as you feel any confusion or lingering doubt about your child’s reading progress, act. And act quickly.

Why acting quickly is so important.

  • Countless studies have shown us that supporting reading difficulties early results in significant gains.
  • Waiting, even a few months too long, means significantly more intervention is needed to try and fill the literacy gaps.
  • Once a child gets out of the first 3 years of school, closing literacy gaps becomes almost impossible. It is devastating to watch. These children begin to flounder and the emotional impact extends well beyond everyday learning.
  • This then impacts self-confidence as the child becomes more aware that there is a gap in their learning and so much more in the school day feels hard. No matter how hard they work they can’t keep up.
  • Every child identified as ‘at risk’ or falling behind literacy benchmarks in the early years, needs help and tailored support as early as possible.

Parent action as soon as possible is CRITICAL.

  • 90 percent of children with reading difficulties will achieve grade level reading skills if they receive help by the first grade (Vellutino et al., 1996).
  • But, if help is given in the fourth grade, rather than in the first grade, it takes four times as long to improve the same reading skills by the same amount (Lyon, 1997).
  • Other research studies have found that children who are reading below grade level in third grade rarely ‘catch-up’. By this stage, it’s usually a case of ‘too little, too late’. 
  • The same is true for children with a formal dyslexia diagnosis. Providing the right help to children with dyslexia as early as first grade ‘can narrow, or even close the achievement gap, with typical readers’, according to studies by researchers at the University of California, Davis, and Yale University.
  • Why do parents need to be informed and empowered, isn’t this the teacher’s job? Ideally yes, however recent figures from the National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy show that half the 34 Bachelor of Education teacher training courses (in Australia) devoted less than 5% of their curriculum to teaching reading.

My question to any parent who might be unsure is this, what is stopping you? Taking the right steps now sets your child up for reading success. So much of their progress at school and beyond depends on this fundamental skill. I promise you, taking simple and effective action to support the development of this skill in your child is the best investment you will ever make. It’s why we created the Reading Ropes Academy for parents.

Still uncertain? Book a casual chat, so I can learn more about your child’s reading journey and their specific needs.

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