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We’re passionate about the enormous impact parents of struggling readers can have.

Informed and actively involved parents are often the deciding factor in whether a struggling reader breaks through to literacy. With the right knowledge, strategies and tools, parents of struggling readers help their children crack the code, it’s that simple. That’s our motivation.

A Parent Course that Empowers

We also wanted to give parents the powerful tools that we have used to treat dyslexia and reading difficulties for decades. We wanted to put you back in the drivers seat with practical knowledge and tips.

Making the Complex, Simple

Best practice in reading intervention is a complex and evolving field. We’ve sought to package it into the simplest drip fed structures possible, making it truly accessible for parents who wish to support their child. 

Support and Advice You Can Trust

Reading disabilities such as dyslexia go hand in hand with uncertainty and anxiety. We’re creating an oasis of support, both from fellow parents and our own online literacy experts and resources.

We’ve invested in all the strategies. Booklets; tutors; games; speech pathologists. They’ve helped, but for the cost and effort, we had hoped for more. Parent

I’m finding it all a bit overwhelming, I’ve been on the websites but I’m not sure where to start. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. What should I be doing at home? Parent

With work and her brothers, we need something that fits in around us. I’m committed to doing whatever I can but it needs to be flexible. Parent

I know I shouldn’t, but I feel guilty about his diagnosis. What will this do to his self-esteem? How should I work with the school so he knows how gifted he is? Parent

Our course for parents was created by leading individual needs teachers in Australia.

They draw on the best from various schools of thought + decades of practical experience.

Best Practice Approaches

Best Practice Approaches

Our course development team have trained in various approaches for helping slow progress readers and children with dyslexia. 

This has ranged from traditional synthetic phonics to Reggio Emilia and PYP IB philosophy. They have also administered various programs such as Letter Land, Thrass, MultiLit, Toe By Toe and M100W. 

After testing its efficacy with thousands of students and a parent, a particularly effective method has evolved and is reflected in the structure and content of the Reading Ropes parent course and its theory, tips and tools. 

Evidence Based

Evidence Based

Best practice in reading instruction is a moving target, and staying abreast of evolving pedagogical approaches is therefore critical.

Ongoing professional development remains a cornerstone of our educators.

In 2015, our head of course development completed her Masters in Special Education at the University of Melbourne. Debbie was fascinated at just how much pedagogy in the area of literacy intervention has evolved and integrating this latest thinking into our child and parent courses has been a crucial focus.

Classroom Experience

Classroom Experience

Debbie, our head of course development, has been an educator for 30 years. She has spent this time honing her skills as a specialist literacy interventionist for children in the early years of primary school. 

It is one thing understanding best practice approaches and changing theory, however effective teaching requires packaging it into something that works.

The Reading Ropes method ensures that engagement, enjoyment and reading outcomes are simultaneously maximised.


For parents of children with dyslexia or other reading difficulties, there was no accessible, one-stop shop that empowered them with simple tools to help their children succeed. Reading Ropes was born.

How do we best support reading progress in students with a formal dyslexia diagnosis or those not reaching year level benchmarks in the Early Years?

Many schools can offer individual or small group support several times a week to assist students who are taking longer to achieve the required year level expectations. This is ideal and should be accessed where it is offered as the results from early individualised interventions are significant. If such services are not offered, parents often seek the help of external tutors. This is certainly an option, however for any intervention to be effective it needs to be implemented often (3+ times per week) and seeking the services of a tutor several times a week is usually overly expensive and impractical. 

That’s why we’ve created targeted and potent courses to empower parents of struggling readers in the “learn to read” critical three year window. We’ve sought to give parents all the tools they need to support their children in a way that is meaningful, practical and affordable.

How does the Parent Course work?

10 modules with 40 separate lessons that cover everything from the technical reading process and practical tips to help your child crack the reading code to advocacy at school and child wellbeing.

It’s a comprehensive guide for any parent who might feel a little lost and/or who wants to ensure they’re being the best support, teacher and advocate for their child that they can possibly be.

See below for a roadmap of topics covered. Or, find out more here.


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