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The most comprehensive way to help your child read.

Reading Ropes gives you everything you need to help your child succeed at reading.

Reading intervention and dyslexia

1. Empowered Parents Course

Behind every child that makes significant reading progress is an actively involved parent. Our Parent Course provides parents with a comprehensive understanding of the reading process, while giving them tools, strategies and templates to teach, support and advocate for their child. Learn more.
Reading intervention and dyslexia

2. Foundational Child Course

The Reading Ropes child course is an evidence based program designed by experts to give struggling readers and dyslexics the help they need to break through to literacy. It cleverly reinforces the foundations while simultaneously building a love for reading and boosting self-esteem. Learn more
Children's books and reading program

3. Ongoing Support Network

When you purchase a Reading Ropes product, you become part of the Reading Ropes Hub. Our leading literacy specialists are available on chat, email and on video link each week. The Hub ( is an incredible cauldron of knowledge, tools and support for parents!

Help for parents & their struggling readers…

In the crucial early years of school, when children learn to read.

By focusing on the critical “learn to read” years of education we are determined to help you bridge the gap between your slow progress reader & their peers. 

What is the Reading Ropes Child Course?

An online program purpose built by leading experts for dyslexic children and struggling readers.


A multisensory online program designed for children with dyslexia and reading difficulties.


Rigorously researched courses supported by 25 years of clinical trial and error.


Step by step activities integrated with book reading to cleverly hone and develop skills.


Lessons and courses united by a single evolving storyline in over 200 decodable readers.


A tutor, an ally, a cheerleader and a community of support.


An incredibly experienced and professional team eager to support your child.


We are not a jumble of phonics books and activities.


We are not your standard educational product. We've modernised content delivery.


We are not set and forget games and activities. Children with dyslexia need explicit instruction.


We are not overly academic. However, we give options for parents to explore the theory.


We are not a buy and you are on your own service. Expert support is available real-time.


We don't sell quick fix promises. We sell lasting, transferrable skills development.

The child course fuses evidence-based instruction with fun and engaging content.

What is the Reading Ropes Parent Course?

A comprehensive series of 40+ lessons & 100+ downloadable resources that cover everything from the technical reading process and practical tips to advocacy at school and child wellbeing. It’s an end-to-end guide for any parent who might feel a little lost and/or who wants to ensure they’re being the best support, teacher and advocate for their child that they can possibly be.

Reading Ropes courses are different.

Dyslexia and reading help researchWhether it be the parent course or the foundational reading program for children, Reading Ropes takes the best from numerous schools of thought, world-class training and empirical studies on dyslexia and slow progress reading and condenses it into simple lessons underpinned by complex science.

Our Head of Course Development has completed more than 30 programs and literacy training courses. These include: the University of Melbourne Masters of Education (Special Education Inclusion and Early Intervention); THRASS; and SPELD amongst countless others.

She also has 30 years experience testing this theory as a classroom practitioner, individual needs teacher and in a leadership role as Head of Individual Needs. What has evolved is a deep appreciation of the reading process, what works and what doesn’t, how parents can best support their children and a unique reading intervention program that’s underpinned by theory and evidence whilst remaining fun and engaging.

Both the child and parent course are logically structured to maximise learning and engagement.

Child Course: The child course is often referred to as a ‘tutor in a computer’ that provides a nightly 45 minute lesson that parents can help administer if they choose. It is a highly scaffolded reading program with each lesson cleverly reinforcing learnings from previous lessons. Real decodable book reading, phonics activities and other scenario based learning is cleverly sequenced and interconnected to build and ingrain skills. The structure follows a best-practice approach that covers the 5 pillars needed to crack the reading code. This structure is crucial to ensuring lasting improvements in reading ability. It also fosters motivation as children are able to recognise and celebrate progress

Parent Course: An actively involved parent who is informed about the reading process can literally change the rules of the game when it comes to their child’s reading potential and development. The Reading Ropes parent course leaves no stone unturned as it seeks to empower parents with knowledge, strategies, tools and templates to help them be the change their children need. The 40 lessons and 100 downloadable resources are broken down into manageable bite size chunks that make the complex simple and accessible for all parents.

Reading Ropes is very mindful of the “quick fix, fast results” marketing world that education (and specifically eLearning) resides within. While we incorporate necessary testing and progress trackers in our child course, we are not overly excited by short-term test results and make no outlandish claims as to the progress your child will make. The problem we see is that lasting skills development is often traded for short-term gains that do not last, what we call ‘vanity metrics.’

The lessons within our child course repeat and reiterate (as much as is necessary) to lock in the foundations of reading. We know that any gap in reading ability only widens with time and we therefore focus on building new skills while cleverly honing learnt skills. We are also acutely aware of the harmful effects excessive & formal testing can have on the well-being of a child with a reading difficulty & have endeavoured to limit these as much as possible, instead fostering confidence & calm as reading skills are built. 

The Reading Ropes child course and the lessons within it can be flexibly administered. While we recommend timelines for course and lesson lengths, these are a guide only.

When a child is learning the foundations of how to read, rushing is a recipe for failure. Patience, consistency and tailoring learning to the individual needs of a child (especially for slow progress readers or dyslexic children) is critical. 

We also encourage parents to get in touch if they feel their child is having difficulty with a particular section of a course or lesson. This allows you to receive tailored guidance from expert special needs teachers. It’s also fundamental to our mission – that, when it comes to reading, no child gets left behind. We are determined to bridge the gap between your slow progress reader & their peers to the extent that is possible for them & their individual needs. 

Both the parent and child courses do not cease upon completion and you have ongoing access to the lessons within each course for an entire year. 

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