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Artist Vince Low: Dyslexia Couldn’t Stop Me

After struggling throughout his childhood due to misconceptions about Dyslexia, Malaysian artist Vince Low has created a beautiful and intricate scribble series of individuals with dyslexia to represent his (and others) triumph in the face of adversity.

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NoticeAbility is an incredible nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students with dyslexia identify their unique strengths and build their self-esteem. Students are able to choose from areas known to be neurological strengths, such as engineering, arts, entrepreneurship and architecture, and undertake 10 week online courses in these fields. So amazing to see celebration of diverse natural talents!

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Five from Five – Literacy Project

An initiative by academic Dr Jennifer Buckingham at the Centre of Independent studies aiming to ensure that all children are taught the five pillars of reading from the age of five. The exact five elements we utilise & teach in our Reading Ropes courses.

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Dyslexic Author, L.J. Kidd, Writes her own series of Children Books

L.J Kidd, an author who struggled through a schooling system that did not support her dyslexia or emphasis her incredible creative talents has written and illustrated several children’s books. After being bullied at school and labelled “dumb” she has created a series of colourful stories about bees, dogs and snails who overcome their own obstacles, translating her experiences into inspiring tales of resilience.

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Dyslexia Aid 

Two 14-year-old inventors in Ireland have been awarded for their work, by AbilityNet, for creating a handheld device which provides multi-sensory learning technology for children with all forms of dyslexia. Never underestimate the power of brilliant young brains!

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Spelfabet by Alison Clarke

Speech therapist Alison Clarke and her initiative Spelfabet aims to, in her own words,  “encourage explicit, systematic synthetic phonics teaching in the first three years of schooling, so that not just 80% but 95-97% of children successfully learn to read and spell before the school system switches over from the “learning to read” phase into “reading to learn”.”

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Youth Parliament debate Dyslexia Bill

Victorian Youth Parliament is currently debating a bill to increase dyslexia funding in VictoriaWhile dyslexia is considered a disability under Federal law, those introducing the bill wants to see dedicated funding introduced for Victorian students with dyslexia. 

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